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Singing Lessons for All Levels and Ages

Stamina, Strength, and Freedom.  These are the things I strive for in the studio.  This is a safe place where you can come to do your best, make mistakes, and keep trying!  ​With over 20 years of experience as a voice teacher (and more than that as a performing singer), I love to create individualized plans for every student and I'm happy to explore a variety of musical styles. Please book lessons through The Voice Lab, Inc.

Trans Voice Services

I am a BIPOC, non-binary, queer voice teacher, performer, researcher, and parent. I work with trans, non-binary, and gender expanive voice us who are searching for a speaking or singing voice that feels right.  With vocal freedom, strength, and stamina in mind, we will create goals together based on your unique needs and your individual vocal capabilities.  I aim to provide a safe space for learning. I am conducting literature-based research into music on queer themes and reimagining existing cis/het-normative repertoire, as well as creating new works with explicitly LGBTQ+ content.  ​Please book all lessons through The Voice Lab, Inc. 

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