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Where Can We Sing?

This mulitmedia installantion explores voice and identity and voice-body bias through and artistic interpretation of study data, autoethnograpgy, and personal interviews. Click here to watch the video and hear the sound that were part of the installation.


Mixed Messages (No Pants)

This opera was commissioned by Eldad Tsabary for CLOrk. It comments on job loss during the loss the pandemic and new algorithms and devices that are always listening. Click here to hear the full opera.



This research-creation piece documented the process of learning of Pink Floyd's Great Gig in the Sky and the grief associated with that learning. Pink Floyd was my late uncle's favourite bans. Click here to watch and listen.


Cleopatra Built

This is chamber opera on a text by EE Cummings was commissioned by Opéra Queens. It places emphasis on the women in Cleopatra's life: Her sister, Arsinoë and her lady in waiting, Charmian. Click here to hear the excerpts performed at Watershed, for string 4tet and 4 voices. The full premiere version is for violin, piano, 4 voices, and tape. Duration, 25-30 minutes. For score information contact Jay.

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