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J. Marchand Knight, Educator


Dr. J. Marchand Knight has taught voice, choir, piano, and general music, both in the classroom setting and privately, for over twenty-years to students ranging from 18 months old through the doctoral level and enjoys teaching, performing, and composing in a variety of styles, including popular music, opera, and musical theatre.  Armed with a Doctorate in Vocal Pedagogy and always striving for healthy and free production and body-voice connection, kinesthetic activities are a constant inside and outside of the studio.  Voice students of all ages and levels are welcome.

As a piano teacher, Dr. Marchand Knight specializes in teaching early beginners, aged 3-8 years old and believes strongly in adapting teaching styles to the individual needs of each child.  By bringing a variety of activities to each lesson, modifications that are guaranteed to keep a child's attention can be made on the spot and new ways to break down difficult material can always be found.


While at St. Patrick School and University of Miami, Dr. Marchand Knight taught music history and theory, sight-singing and ear training, composition using iPad, recorder, and choir.   Dr. Marchand Knight has taught hundreds of students of all ages, is a parent of 3 lively kids under 7, and has patience to match! 


We are certified in Conscious Discipline, and strive to empower kids and adults alike to find their voices and express their emotions through visual-art, music, and words. 



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